A strength of mine as a communicator is my ability to blend current research across a number of important areas: addiction, trauma, anxiety, chronic stress, attachment, neuroscience, and an understanding of how the human nervous system functions. Another strength is my ability to make it understandable to people without a degree in psychology or neuroscience. I am passionate about helping audiences understand more about how our brain and nervous system functions, the impacts of traumatic experiences, the move into addictive patterns, and how recovery happens.

I offer workshops, seminars, and training opportunities for a wide variety of audiences:

  • Counsellors and other mental health professionals

  • Anyone working in the field of addiction

  • Residential treatment centres

  • Client groups / Student groups

  • Workplace environments

  • Parents



"Into Oblivion: The Vortex of Trauma and Addiction"

Vortex of Addiction

I've developed a model of addiction that identifies the tremendous impact trauma has on the development of substance abuse and addiction. It combines an understanding of how our nervous system functions with the ways substance abuse as well as compulsive behaviours are used to self-medicate the overwhelming activation that results from trauma and chronic stress.

I have presented this model in a variety of settings ranging from short seminars to multi-day workshops for mental health professionals, parents, and clients.


I offer this workshop on a regular basis. Please sign up if you're interested in hearing about this and other workshops I offer.

Here are some other topics I offer: 

Whether you are looking for a short workshop or seminar on a specific topic or a more intensive training, I am happy to work with you to tailor a presentation to the needs of your group or organization.  This is a list of additional presentations I have previously offered:

Understanding the Connection Between Trauma and Addiction

  • BC Teachers Federation (Health and Wellness Conference)

  • EAP Coordinators for Air Canada

  • Evolution of Addiction Conference (Addiction Service Providers and Clinicians)

  • Vancouver Coastal Health (Social Workers)

  • Family Services of Greater Vancouver (EAP Providers)

  • Edgewood Intensive Outpatient Program, Vancouver (Clients)

  • Vancouver Therapist Networking Association

  • Hollyburn Family Services, North Vancouver (Staff)

Working with Trauma and Addiction

  • Union Gospel Mission, Vancouver (Staff)

  • Edgewood Addiction Services, Vancouver (Counsellors)

Impacts of Stress and Trauma in the Line of Duty

  • North Vancouver RCMP (Non-Commissioned Officers)

Out of Oblivion: Recovering From the Vortex of Trauma & Addiction

  • Recovery Day BC (Speaker Tent)

Supporting Growth and Healing in Children with Trauma

  • Hollyburn Family Services "Stand Together Conference" (Foster Parents and Social Workers)

  • Hollyburn Family Services, Vancouver and Surrey (Foster Parents)

  • "In The Know" Webinar for The F.O.R.C.E in BC (Parents)

Somatically-Oriented Psychotherapy and Working with the Nervous System

  • Two-day workshops for therapists co-led with Dr. Ron Manley, Vancouver

Intensive Trauma Retreat  

  • A five-day residential trauma module at BridgePoint Centre for Eating Disorders, Milden, SK (Clients)workshops

Current Drug Trends  

  • BCACC Skills for Mindful Living Series (Counsellors and Parents)

Life Lessons: Understanding Anxiety & Stress  

  • An informative seminar for the general public

Understanding Emotions for Actors  

  • Actor's Foundry Intensive Retreats (Actors)

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 workshop or training needs.


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