Carrie DeJong & Associates

Welcome to Carrie DeJong & Associates. We are a group of Registered Clinical Counsellors in Vancouver focusing on anxiety, trauma, and addiction.

Neuroscience is making a profound contribution to our understanding of how we function as human beings. We have a greater awareness of optimal functioning as well as how anxiety, trauma, and addiction can impact our ability to be our "best self". My associates and I are interested in how the brain is wired, how it functions, and how we move towards health and recovery through understanding these things.

We focus on understanding the complexity of the nervous system as it relates to chronic anxiety and trauma as well as addiction. And we’re passionate about using that knowledge to help people move towards increased health and wholeness.

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More About Carrie DeJong

Vortex Model of Addiction

”I am on a mission - to bring more science and more
compassion to the field of addiction recovery.”

Carrie is a therapist, consultant, and speaker. She is also the writer of the blog “Making Sense of Trauma and Addiction”.

Her expertise in trauma and addiction have helped her develop the Vortex Model of Addiction, a model of addiction based on neurophysiology that provides a foundation for understanding the complex behavioural and emotional patterns of addiction.

Her approach is rooted in an understanding of how we are wired from a nervous system perspective. She is curious about how our entire being is impacted by difficulties. But she is also very interested in how our whole being is part of the solution to those difficulties.

Read some of her recent blog posts here: