Carrie DeJong


Carrie DeJong

I am on a mission – to bring more science and more compassion to the field of addiction recovery. The explosion of scientific discoveries based on neuroscience has made a profound contribution to our understanding of both addiction and trauma, the impacts trauma has on the development of addiction as well as how people recover. I am interested in the human nervous system, how it functions, and how we can move towards health and recovery through our understanding of these things. I am passionate about incorporating these new insights into my work – whether it is in my role as a counsellor, speaker, or writer.

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a master’s degree in counselling (MC) and 20 years of experience as a therapist. I began my clinical work in a trauma treatment program for children and their families.  Over ten years ago, I shifted my focus when I began working in a private residential addiction treatment centre.  During my time there I heard the stories of hundreds of people struggling with addiction.  I saw how often trauma was an underlying cause for many who moved into substance abuse and addiction.

I continue to be passionately engaged in a process of learning about the complexity of the human brain as it relates to the impacts of trauma and the journey into addiction. I am excited about bringing all that I have learned to the quest for recovery from trauma and addiction. 

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